Beauty Hints and Tips


  • For best results, cut your nails when they are wet
  • Cut each nail in a single motion, following the natural curve of your fingertip
  • Don't cut nails too short - leave just enough nail to extend beyond your fingertip


  • Cut each nail straight across following the natural shape of the nail
  • When trimming your toe nails, avoid cutting into the corners as this can cause nails to become ingrown


  • For best results, use a foot-file after a relaxing bath or soak yor feet in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes to help soften the skin
  • before using a foot file, dry your feet and between your toes thoroughly
  • If the skin on your feet is very hard, you should use a course or extra-course strip when filing them


  • Make sure the room is well lit before tweezing - that way you'll be able to see stray hairs properly
  • For best results open your pores by holding a warm towel over your face before you begin plucking your eyebrows
  • Pluck between your brows first, then tidy up underneath