Nail Files and Buffers

We know everyone's nails are different so we created a range of files and buffers to match.

From artificial nail shapers to files with Biotin for brittle nails and emery boards with Aloe Vera for normal and dry nails to high-glossing buffers, you'll find the right tools for you.

  • Range includes emery boards, files and buffers
  • Choose from course through to super-fine files depending on your nail types and the kind of finish you're looking for
  • Buffers add shine, promote growth and even help your nails become healthier
  • If you've got brittle or fragile nails, try the files with Biotin - it's been shown to strngthen brittle nails by increasing their thickness
  • If your nails are dry, or to keep normal nails in good condition, try the emery boards, files or buffers with Aloe Vera - it's renowned for its moisturising properties
  • The fragranced files have micro-capsules of scent to make shaping your nails a more relaxing, pampering experience
  • Our preparation buffer gently dulls the surface of the nails. This creates an ideal surface for applying nail polish or fixing artificial nails. It's also a great way to prepare the nails before buffing